Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blind Dates

Has anyone ever been on a blind date? I was just thinking about them. I went on one a few weeks ago and would like to share the scoop lol. Okay so my friend pulled the whole "I know someone perfect for you he is super nice and he will love you." Okay let me just say I am really hesitant about blind dates because no one likes that awkward first meeting and bascially I am terrified the whole time they are comparing me to wild animals or thinking about how much they want to leave lol.
So I said "are you SURE" hes gonna be interested and he wont think I'm a dog." She promised he wouldnt. We decided to go to the casino. lol dont judge me I just turned 21 like a month ago. Did I mention my friend and her boyfriend were going also so it would ease the tension. K so I got ready took me an hour and a half and looked pretty damn cute if I say so myself. He walks up to us HI hes GORGEOUS (ok maybe not gorgeous but i have low standards but hes pretty damn cute)
I started chatting away to make it not uncomfortable but if I wasn't talking we basically were just standing there while I tried unsuccessfully to win at the slots. It ended decently enough but a week goes by and I hadn't heard from him.
Well.... smart me gets drunk and calls him and apparently asked him to hang out again. I get a text from him the next day asking if I still wanted to hang out so I thought hey, thats a good sign he could have pretended we never talked. So we were set to go to the movie the next day he was supposed to call me. Yeah... 5:30 rolls around and still NO PHONE CALL. I get ready none the less and basically wait around until finally I get a text from him that doesnt even apolgize just says I overslept can we try for wednesday. I decided to go which was stupid of me. We went to the movie and he didn't put his arm around me or anything it was a 2 and a half hour movie and it was extremely uncomfortable. I get a call from him a few days later that was the whole "your really nice and fun but I dont like you the way you like me." Thanks alot asshole thats what everyone loves to hear. I just had to complain lol

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