Friday, February 19, 2010

break throughs lol

Good Morning everyone YAY its Friday! Sorry I haven't written in a while. So lets discuss drunk texting during booty call hours haha booty call hours are between 10 PM and 5 AM. A few nights ago I received a text from a guy lets call him Lucius (not his real name this isnt harry potter lol) He says "hey how are you?" I then reply "Are you drunk?" That may have been a little harsh sounding but the ONLY time this guy ever texts me is when hes drunker then Mel Gibson on a anti semetic rampage FML. He then replies haha kind of. yeah.... lovely. Anyways little backstory this guy we went on a date back in September I thought it went really well then when I didn't wanna do more then kiss (YAY for Erin) he was like "oh im tired" bullshit!

The next day he decides to text me and say "you know I had a wonderful time but i'm not ready to date." wow really then why are you going on dates? UGH men.... SO he then decides to tell me the other night that I was so beautiful that it made him nervous thats why he kinda blew me off. Okay seriously Im cute but im not that cute. Does he really think any girl actually buys that crap? Seriously, then the next day NOTHING. I absolutely despise drunk texting and booty calls Okay thats my rant for the day. Im off to work XOXO

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